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ESBC version 2-0-13-1-BUILD2

Date: June 2015

Click here >> Firmware Download

New Feature

MULTIPLE Logical network support for Voice | OAMP | QoS | Traffic Shaping

With this mode, configuring multiple IP addresses of different subnets to the ESBC WAN port, separating OAMP and Voice (signaling and media) traffics to different network segments. The requirement arises for security and QoS traffic engineering purposes. Click here to read more…

ESBC Administrative Guides

ESBC Administrative Guide for ESBC version: 2-0-13-1(NEW)


ESBC 9xxx version 2-0-13-1-BUILD2 Release Note (New)

ESBC Provisioning Tags (New)


ESBC MIB.txt (New)

ESBC Quick Configuration Guide (New)

ESBC Security Tips, SIP Firewall and SHMR Guides

ESBC Voice Service Security Tips– Application Notes (New)

ESBC Access Control List Application Notes

ESBC SIP header manipulation rule (SHMR) usage guide and applications

Constructing the ESBC SIP Firewall Rules

Articles – Application Notes & White Papers

ESBC Multiple Networks—Configuration Guide (New)

SIP UA Configuration Guide

ESBC Quick Configuration Guide

Call Quality Management

ESBC Voice Service Deployment Checklist

Extending the DQoS Framework through Device Initiation

ESBC Media Transcoding


Interworking of SIP response codes and ISDN Q931 cause codes

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