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SOHO & Residential 280x50 B
“The InnoMedia ESBC provides Buckeye Telesystem with an excellent approach for the delivery of voice and data services to their enterprise customers. It offers ease of configuration as well as sophisticated monitoring and troubleshooting features that enable Buckeye to put in place high quality TDM-PRI, SIP trunking, and hosted voice solutions with the minimum of effort. Coupled with comprehensive SIP normalization support, QoS management, transcoding capabilities and hardware features such as multiple LAN ports, the InnoMedia ESBC has just the right mix of attributes to allow Buckeye to offer guaranteed SLAs to our enterprise customers at a competitive price point that provides us with a very favourable return on investment. Last, but certainly not least, InnoMedia have always delivered quality products that have served us extremely well in all of our deployments to date, as well as backing this up with excellent product support and assistance.”

Mr. Adam Hashi
Commercial VoIP Engineering,
Buckeye Telesys

"We selected InnoMedia for their world class products, technologies, responsiveness, and commitment. InnoMedia worked closely with the Time Warner Team to customize the Enterprise SIP Gateway products, meeting the performance criteria and the IMS interoperability requirements for our commercial service. We are delighted with the robustness and quality of InnoMedia's ESBC device and technical ability."

Mr. James B. Medica
Vice President,
Voice and IP Services
Broadband Engineering and Technology
Time Warner Cable

"I have never experienced such a fast implementation. I honestly believe that, as the best partner, InnoMedia has the world's best technology on Voice-over-IP in terms of the quality and the speed of implementation. I can proudly promise to any Dreamcast user that Dreamcast has now the best Internet live chatting capability to play with real communication of emotion, and becomes the machine to be connected to any telephone and Dreamcast console around the world at a very low cost."

Dr. Shiro Hagiwara
Executive General Manager of Dreamcast
Sega Corporation

“Big River Telephone chooses to go with Innomedia for its VOIP deployments due to the flexibility and ease of use of the equipment, which is in turn backed up by a superior level of customer support.”

Mr.Chris Foeste
General Manager
Big River Telephone Company

"North Rock Communications is a very well established company in Bermuda, providing voice and data services over our Wimax and fixed infrastructure for Corporate and Residential customers. We tested and evaluated the performance of the Innomedia 2 line / 4 line and 8 line units and were very pleased with the performance, quality, robustness, ease of automatic deployment and above all the excellent technical support. North Rock now use Innomedia units as the equipment of choice for all voice services in our network and we are now looking at deploying them in some of our Caribbean locations."

Mr. Paul Heighton
Wireless and Voice Supervisor,
Logic Communications

"Cablevision has been working with InnoMedia to develop unique products to enable VoIP services to be deployed in Cablevision's systems in the New . We have found InnoMedia to be a very satisfactory company to deal with in all respects. They have shown a very high level of technical expertise in the development and manufacture of the MTA's we are using, all technical developments have been achieved in a timely and effective manner. InnoMedia have met all our time frames and milestones for development and supply of equipment.
In summary, working with InnoMedia has been a satisfying and positive experience."

Mr. Colin B. Wakeling
Director, Corporate Engineering

"InnoMedia worked closely with us to customize products that met all performance criteria for our VoiceLine service. We are delighted with the robustness and quality of InnoMedia MTAs and the professionalism of the InnoMedia organization."

Dr. David Lando
COO, Net2Phone,
Executive VP Technology and CTO, IDT

"InnoMedia has worked with us as a partner, not just a vendor, and is committed to helping us have successful deployments."

Mr. Robin Grey
VoIP Engineer

“After a comprehensive search, we selected InnoMedia’s adapter as the best value and the easiest to provision and manage. This solution will help ensure that we deliver superior voice quality and a great customer experience, including a straightforward self-installation process.”

Ms. Lisa Scalpone
Vice President,
ViaSat Satellite Services
ViaSat Inc.

"ThinRoute Technologies, Inc. selected the Innomedia MTA for integration into our Outdoor Residential Gateway product in 2004. Over the years these units have been deployed from Alaska to south Texas in environments that exceed the manufacturers specifications and have performed well beyond our expectations. Any time we have needed technical support, Innomedia has been immediately responsive and effective in addressing our needs."

Mr. Ted R. Clair
ThinRoute Technologies, Inc.

"CTI has used Innomedia ATA’s in inmate facilities for over six years.  Rarely do we encounter problems, but when we do, the technical support has been superb.  Because of this high level of reliability and support, I view InnoMedia as a strategic business partner."

Mr. Norm Morgan
Customer Service Manager
Custom Teleconnect, Inc.

BroadSoft creates VoIP application software that lets fixed and mobile service providers offer the most advanced calling features to their enterprise and residential customers. BroadSoft’s customer list reads like a Who’s Who of the major telecommunications players worldwide, including Korea Telecom, Singtel, Sprint, Telefonica de Espana, Telstra, T-Systems, and Verizon. For more information, please visit www.broadsoft.com.
Metaswitch Networks MetaSwitch is an industry-leading vendor of IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) switching and applications solutions for both packet and circuit-switched networks. Its widely deployed call agent, media/signaling gateway and application server platform supports a full range of legacy Class 4/5 capabilities and hosted unified communications services, and scales from a few hundred to millions of subscribers in both integrated and distributed configurations. Customers include incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, as well as operators of broadband wireless, cable and fiber networks. MetaSwitch is a division of established telecom technology provider Data Connection. The company is consistently profitable and privately held, with main US offices in California and Virginia, and European headquarters in London, UK. For more information, please see: www.metaswitch.com.
General Bandwidth
General Bandwidth Inc. is a TL 9000 certified, leading developer of telecommunications equipment that is central to the build-out of the new voice infrastructure. General Bandwidth is focused exclusively on developing solutions that meet or exceed the stringent requirements of large and small carriers. General Bandwidth’s flagship G6® Packet Telephony Migration Platform enables service providers to deploy voice over broadband technologies to cost effectively deliver voice services over their existing broadband infrastructure (DSL/T1, Fiber, HFC, Wireless), to better utilize their existing resources by efficiently aggregating access network traffic, and to provide a migration path to end-to-end packet networks. For more information, please visit www.genband.com.
Sonus Networks

Sonus Networks, Inc., is a leading provider of packet voice infrastructure products for the new public network. With its Open Services Architecture (OSA), Sonus delivers end-to-end solutions addressing a full range of carrier applications, including trunking, residential access and Centrex, tandem switching, and IP voice termination, as well as enhanced services. Sonus’ award-winning voice infrastructure solutions, including media gateways, softswitches and network management systems, are deployed in service provider networks worldwide. Sonus, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts. Additional information on Sonus is available at www.sonusnet.com.
Clearcable Clearcable is a specialized consulting engineering firm focused on the needs of mid-market broadband service providers, the development of new residential and business services, and the integration of operational and business support systems in Canada and United States. Founded in 2004, Clearcable provides expert help to enable appropriate technology and services for advanced communications by augmenting the existing or building the internal engineering support for its client base. With proven experience and relevant industry references, Clearcable understands the unique requirements facing service providers, consumers, and small businesses and ensures they stay in control of their business and connected to communications. Clearcable was recently recognized by PROFIT Magazine as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies as listed in the 2010 PROFIT 100. For more information, please go to www.clearcable.ca
MRL_logo small 200x37 Micro Research (MRL) is the leading Network and Telecommunication product provider for Enterprise customers and Service Providers.  Router products branding “NetGenesis” is well known in Japan since 1998 and have been obtaining top ranking in customer satisfaction in the router category at one of the most popular and trustworthy ranking sites in Japan.  Product lineups include; Broadband Routers, both Layer 2 & 3 VPN products, G3/G4/WiMax WiFi Routers and analog modems. Through our products for both own brand and OEM/ODM, based on self designed H/W & S/W, MRL has been supplying high-performance and reliable products/solutions to our customers.  For more information about Micro Research, please visit www.mrl.co.jp.
Telebyte175x27 Telebyte technologies Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Mumbai and is the leading System Integrator of IP telecommunications solutions to Tier-1 carriers and large enterprises in India. Telebyte Technologies was founded in 1997 to specialize in the IT and added IP telecommunications in 2005 in its portfolio. Telebyte Technologies has demonstrated capability to deliver carrier-class communications services using the latest VoIP technologies and products for providing convergence of Voice, Data and Video to India’s leading private telco’s and large enterprises.  Telebyte Technologies has the facilities and the technical capabilities to provide customers with “one-stop-shop-solution” for all IP telecommunication needs, including core-systems servers, gateways, session-border controllers and state-of-the-art CPE devices. The capabilities offered to the customers are difficult to be matched by others where complex customized communications solutions are required which have to meet the stringent India regulation needs. Telebyte Technologies have a proven record of quality system integration for leading private telco’s & large enterprises for IP based Landline telephony and IP based Video Telephony with over 750k ports sold & deployed.

Founded in 1995, Net2Phone is a leading provider of calling card products and retail VoIP services globally, comprised of two wholly owned subsidiaries. Net2Phone Global Services (“NGS”) provides consumers and small businesses globally with bundled voice and enhanced services either directly or via partners. Net2Phone Cable Telephony (“NCT”) provides cable operators with a turn-key solution to deliver residential phone service to their subscribers. While the opportunities for each unit differ, each division relies on quality partners for distribution and each utilizes a centralized platform to deliver retail services at a low incremental cost. Traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol NTOP, Net2Phone’s strategic partners and investors include Liberty Media Corporation (NYSE: L; LMC.B) and IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT; IDT.C). For more information about Net2Phone’s products and services, please visit www.net2phone.com.
Alianza Alianza is the leading provider of cloud voice platforms that enable service providers to rapidly launch and profit from next generation voice services for business, mobile and residential subscribers. The turnkey wholesale solution combined with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) financial model results in lower total cost of ownership and a clear business case for VoIP. Alianza radically transforms communications delivery so that service providers thrive with superior economics and functionality. For more information about Alianza, please visit www.alianza.com.
BigRiver Founded in 1983, Big River Telephone is one of the oldest competitive telephone companies in the United States and is a market leader in delivering wholesale VoIP services. Big River’s turnkey solutions allow for a profitable and expedited time to market for mobile, residential and advanced business services. Service offerings range from residential VoIP to advanced business services such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Site Code Dialing and other advanced voice applications. For more information about Big River Telephone, please visit www.bigrivertelephone.com.
TeQNet TeQNet Technology Solutions is a premier value added distributor. “Our goal is to build value into the relationship we have with our customers, suppliers and people”. The company’s business model enables technology solutions providers, manufacturers and publishers to cost effectively sell to and support end users ranging from small to midsize businesses to large enterprises. TeQNet is a company committed to servicing it customers and to offer them the best possible return for their investment. We do this by working exclusively with channel partners who are experts in this field. This, as well as the personal commitment of the TeQNet team, offers added value which is second to none in this area. For more information, please visit www.teqnet.eu.
Walker And Associates Inc. Walker and Associates is a national distributor of network products for broadband providers, including wireline, wireless, cable TV, government and enterprise network operators.  Walker’s extensive range of products from over 400 suppliers facilitates carriers’ delivery of high speed internet, video, data and voice services to residential, business, and mobile users. Walker supports communications delivery technologies such as IP, VoIP, Ethernet, fiber, FTTX, BLC, MSAP, optical multiplexing, routing, point-to-point wireless, point-to-multi-point wireless, wireless amplification and WiMAX.
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