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Business Voice SolutionsBusiness Voice Solutions


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Business Lines

Highly manageable 4/8/24-port ATAs for business voice offering.

  • Business friendly features:
    • Key-phone system friendly with ground/loop start and OSI support
    • Reliable fax with T.38
    • Device-based 3-way calling
    • POS friendly with high/low-speed modem support
    • Wideband codec delivering superior voice quality
  • VoIP metrics reporting and RTCP-XR support for call quality monitoring
  • Auto-provisioning and device management support

Business Lines with Multi-port ATAs
InnoMedia’s multi-port ATAs enable service providers to offer voice services attractive to business customers.  Equipped with business voice features such as T.38, ground/loop start, CPC/Open Loop Disconnect, (set-based) 3-way calling, and credit card reader support, the multi-port ATAs are ideal for small/medium-sized customers.  The ATA’s support for RTCP-XR and end-of-call syslog VoIP metric reporting allows various types of voice quality analysis to be conducted (e.g., Temporal Voice Quality Analysis, Parametric Voice Quality Analysis), thus, providing service providers with a level of quality monitoring that is often critical to business customers.  The ATA devices are highly manageable with auto-provisioning and device management, allowing broadband service providers to provide responsive and scalable business voice service. All InnoMedia’s ATA devices can be managed by InnoMedia’s Element Management System (EMS), allowing remote access and monitoring even when the device is behind an NAT router.

The diagrams below show how the InnoMedia multi-port ATAs can be used to provide direct lines or be connected to key phone systems.


Business Solutions Key_phone

Products in this category include the following multi-line ATAs: 4-FXS-port ATA MTA6328-4, 8-FXS-port ATA MTA6328-8, 16-FXS-port ATA MTA6328-16, and 24-FXS-ATA MTA6328-24.

InnoMedia SMTA/ATA for Business Voice Services

Multi-Port MTA Features

InnoMedia ATA Advantages
Complete product line 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 port ATA
Business Line features Ground start/loop start and CPC/Open Loop Disconnect → Key Phone Systems/Analog PBXs
Low-speed modem → Credit card reader
Fax with T.38
3-way calling
Carrier-grade monitoring with VoIP performance metrics reporting RTCP-XR and end-of-call syslog reporting
R-factor, MOS, network delay, jitter, and packet loss
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