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InnoMedia ESBC IP-PBX IOT Program
The InnoMedia ESBC IOT is an ongoing program for its ESBC models which targets to include Operator specified IP-PBX models as well as other prevalent models.  The intention is to facilitate field deployment using known configurations on the ESBC when a particular IP-PBX or PRI-based PBX is deployed at an enterprise site. The InnoMedia ESBC IP-PBX IOT follows a well defined process, which  consists of 3 stages:
• IP-PBX (DUT) submission and selection
• IOT execution
• IOT output and feedback

IP-PBX (DUT) submission and selection
There are 3 sources of requests for IP-PBX selection:
• From service provider customer requests,
• Industry drivers
• From IP-PBX vendors
Upon receiving these requests, InnoMedia’s Product Management will determine if the requests will be accepted.  If accepted, InnoMedia may work with the IP-PBX vendor to establish an alliance and tech support contacts during the IOT process and also for future platform/software upgrades.

IOT execution
During this phase, the InnoMedia IOT team will execute a strict set of tests with a set of parameters for the IP-PBX unit under test.  A resulting profile is created which is then incorporated into the ESBC PBX profile list.

IOT output and feedback
A test report is generated at the conclusion of the IOT testing.  An application note is also produced depicting the configuration on the ESBC as well as for the IP-PBX unit being tested.


InnoMedia has completed its ESBC IOT with the following PBX vendors:
ShoreGear 30
Asterisk, Asterisk (PRI PBX)
Cisco UC320W
Cisco UC520, Cisco UC520 (PRI PBX)
Cisco UCM 6
Digium Switchvox
Fonality Trixbox
Microsoft Lync2010
Microsoft OCS2007
AastraLink Pro 160
Allworx 6x
Avaya (Nortel) BCM50
Avaya IP Office 500
Cisco SPA 9000
Mitel 3300 ICP (PRI PBX)
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