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Line Settings

  • Posted on: March 5, 2021
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Line Settings

Line setting page includes input-MIC/output-speaker volume controls (gain controls) and the way silence suppression is performed.

Voice Gain
Speaker Gain Downstream volume control in the direction from the network to the BT device’s analog output.
Mic Gain Upstream volume control in the direction from the BT device’s analog input to the network.
Line Options
Silence Suppression Silence Suppression involves not transmitting voice packets when one of the parties involved in a call is not speaking.
Available options:

  • Negotiation
  • Disabled
Echo Cancellation Enable or disable line echo cancellation.
Note: This setting only affects line echo cancellation, not the acoustic echo cancellation performed by the BT device to remove in-room echo when the device is in speaker mode.
Secure RTP Secure RTP or SRTP is an extension profile of RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) which adds further security features, such as message authentication, confidentiality and replay protection for VoIP communications. Three options are available:
Disable. Disable SRTP functionality.
ZRTP. The protocol that the two parties use to negotiate the SRTP session keying information.
SDES. Can be enabled only when TLS is selected as transport protocol for SIP signals. In SDES, TLS is used to securely transmit the SRTP keying information within SDP.
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