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  • Posted on: March 5, 2021
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Feature Settings

Call Features The following call features use “Service Codes” for device-based call features defined in the “Profile Setting”
Call Waiting To receive and answer an incoming call when this line is engaged in another active call.
Blind Transfer Blind transfer occurs when an ongoing call is transferred to a third party without any check being made by the transferor to determine whether the third party answers, or if their number is busy.
Consulted Transfer Consulted Call Transfer occurs when an ongoing call is transferred to a third party and the transferor ensures that the third party answers the call and is happy to accept the call before completing the transfer.
Three Way Calls 3-Way Calling connects a third person to the current two-way conversation.
Display Remote Caller ID Display of Caller ID (the caller phone number and, optionally, display name) for inbound calls from a remote party.
Reject Anonymous Call Rejection of Anonymous inbound calls.
VMWI Display To enable/disable the display of a voice mail waiting indicator on the BT device.
Hot Phone The hot phone capability is only available through a PSTN phone connected to the FXS port of the device.
Enable Hot Phone Hot Phone feature that automatically dials the Hot Phone Number when the phone is taken off hook.
Hot Phone Number Enter the phone number that the BT device dials automatically when the phone is taken off hook.


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