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Access BuddyTalk WEB management console

  • Posted on: February 8, 2021
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Access BuddyTalk WEB management console

The BuddyTalk (BT) devices can be managed via a Web Browser interface.  Once the BT device is connected to the network (either using Ethernet or WiFi), connect a device such as a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet with a browser to the same router as the BT device WAN interface. Access and configure the BTXXX device via a Web Browser.

When the device has successfully connected to the network and acquired an IP address, determine its IP address by one of the following two methods.

Method 1:

Long press the Flash button as shown in the figure below for three (3) seconds when it is in idle state (not lit). The IP address will be played through the speaker of the BTXXX device.

Method 2:

Connect a POTS phone to the Phone jack on the back of the device. Lift the phone handset and press ***1 on the phone, and the IP address will be played through the telephone handset.


The initial login password is unique to each device. The factory default username and password can be found as described in the following table:

Access Level User Name Password
User-level access   user  Shown on the base of the unit
Admin-level access   admin  Provided by InnoMedia


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