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Device Status

  • Posted on: February 8, 2021
  • By:

Device Status

Once the login credentials have been entered correctly, the Home page of the web console displays the device’s current status. The figure below shows the Home page of a BT200 model, as an example, but BT1XX series models also share similar information.



Channel Information   Number of phone lines and SIP accounts provisioned
Reg Status   Successfully REGISTERED with SIP Proxy
Not registered with SIP proxy
Not registered with SIP proxy
State Phone on hook
Phone off hook
SIP Account ID: SIP username. Name: display name used for Caller ID purposes.
System Informatiom MAC address of Ethernet WAN | MAC address of WiFi interface | Provision Status: last provisioning date-time and status| Date Time: current date and time | System Up Time: up time since last power up
Version Informatiom Hardware Version | Firmware Version |Boot Loader Version | DSP Version
Netowork Informatiom – Master Interface Information: Current active (in use) network.
– Connection Type (DHCP or Static IP)
– IPv4 network interface information (IP, netmask, gateway)
– Current DNS lease time
– DNS servers
– Domain name


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