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MTA6328-1Be2S Features
Next Generation VoIP CPE Devices For Broadband Service Providers

Features | Specifications | Datasheet

MTA 6328-4_front_turn

With 1 voice port and 2 LAN ports, the MTA 6328-1Be2S is an ideal solution for broadband service providers to deploy residential broadband triple play (voice, high-speed Internet access, and IP TV) services.

  • Guaranteed voice quality: Advanced rate limiting scheme guarantees voice packet bandwidth and priority, thus, ensuring voice quality with simultaneous high speed data transmissions in progress.
  • Wire-speed routing: Dedicated routing processors assures 100Mbps routing throughput independent of data packet size. This advanced routing performance makes MTA 6328-1Be2S an ideal device for fiber or other high-speed broadband deployments in which data throughput is critical.
  • Port-based QoS: MTA 6328-1Be2S allows port-based QoS settings (802.1pq, ToS) and packet prioritization. These features are ideal for high-speed triple play services which deliver real-time voice, high-speed Internet access, and high-bandwidth video streaming services.
  • Battery backup option: A companion battery-backup version of MTA 6328-1Be2S, MTA 6328-1Be2S, offers up to 4 hours of battery talk time to allow primary line voice services to be offered.

MTA 6328-1Be2S also offers advanced VoIP features for rapid and high-performance VoIP service deployment:

  • Voice & Fax: Supports G.711, G.723, G.726, and G.729 compression, dynamic jitter buffer, echo cancellation for voice, and T.38 & G.11 fallback for fax.
  • VoIP protocol support and interoperability: Supports MGCP/NCS and SIP protocols, highly interoperable with SIP softswitches and MGCP/NCS call agents.
  • Auto-provisioning: Supports HTTP and TFTP provisioning, as well as SNMP, FTP, and Telnet for remote monitoring.
  • Remote device management: supports InnoMedia remote Device Management System for remote device management, monitoring, and debugging.
  • Remote networking: supports TCP/IP and allows for VPN connections with PPTP and IPSec pass-through capabilities for telecommuting.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for broadband triple-play service deployments with guaranteed voice, wire-speed routing, and port-based QoS and bandwidth control
  • Highly interoperable with softswitches/call agents and flexible auto-provisioning allowing rapid service deployment
  • Advanced voice/fax feature supports
  • Powerful remote management via device management servers
  • Battery backup ensures operation in the event of power failure
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