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Enterprise Session Border Controller with Transcoding

While Enterprise Session Border Controllers offer signaling normalization to resolve signaling inconsistencies between the service provider networks (servers, IMS switches) and the enterprise networks (IP PBXs, UAs), it often happens that the media type incompatibilities prevent successful SIP trunking calls to be established successfully.  To deal with media type incompatibilities, service providers often need to deploy network-based media servers to “normalize” or “translate” these different media types.  However, network-based Media servers are typically expensive and may be one of the bottlenecks for system scalability.

transcoding diagram

InnoMedia’s newly introduced ESBC9378/ESBC9578 Enterprise Session Border Controllers introduce the media transcoding functions, thus, combining ESBC’s signaling normalization with media gateway’s media translation, making the system scalable and cost effective.The media transcoding functions introduced in the ESBC9378/ESBC9578 include codec transcoding, fax transcoding, and DTMF transcoding:
  • Codec Transcoding to/from any of G.711, G.729, G.726
  • DTMF Transcoding between RFC2833 and G.711 In-band
  • Fax Transcoding between T.38 and G.711 In-band

ESBC9x78 Landing Page Picture

Transcoding Capacity:

  • 60 maximum DTMF/CODEC Transcoding sessions
  • 24 maximum Fax Transcoding sessions.
    When “Allow calls even when transcoding resources are exhausted” is checked and the 24 FAX transcoding sessions are fully utilized, further FAX calls can still be made but without T.38 G.711 transcoding capability.
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