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Ring Cadence

  • Posted on: March 5, 2021
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Ring Cadence Settings

For a telephone receiving an incoming call, ring cadence settings control the timing of the incoming ring signal. This varies from country to country and may consist, for instance, of the ring voltage being applied for two seconds, followed by four seconds off, then back on for two seconds, and so on, until the phone is answered, or the calling party hangs up, or a maximum number of rings is reached.  .

When shipped from the factory, the BT’s ring cadence settings for the FXS port are set to match country requirements. You can manually set the ring cadence if you wish to override the default country values.

Ring Cadence Setting (Format  +[on1,off1,on2,off2,…])

  • +  : loop the tone(s) forever
  • [ on1 duration in ms, off1 duration in ms…].  If the duration value is 65535, keep playing the last tone.
Default Ring Cadence For a telephone receiving an incoming call, the default timing pattern of the incoming ring signal.
Ring Cadence 1-5 Different Ring Cadence settings for distinctive rings.
Splash Ring A short ring to notify the user that some specified call features are being processed. For instance, a short ring (splash tone) can be used to notify the user each time a call is forwarded.

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