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GR908 Test-Web

  • Posted on: March 5, 2021
  • By:

GT909 Test Triggered from the web management console

The device supports GR-909 test items which use a suite of standards-based electrical tests to diagnose potential line faults. Click all the checkboxes for which GR-909 confirmation is required. Then Click the <Start Test> button.

NOTE:  If the Receiver is Off-hook, the REN Test and the Resistive Faults Test will show failures.

GR-909 Line Diagnostic Test A suite of standards-based electrical tests which detect physical problems with the phone line.
FEMF/HAZ Test This procedure tests for hazardous electromotive force (HEMF) and foreign electromotive force (FEMF) between the TIP-GROUND and RING-GROUND leads. It reports a failure if the following limits are exceeded:
– Foreign DC HEMF limit = 135V.
– Foreign AC HEMF limit = 50Vrms.
– Foreign DC EMF limit = 6V.
– Foreign AC EMF limit = 10Vrms.
Note: Once this test is initiated and if a failure is detected, the test will automatically run periodically, e.g., every 30 sec till the foreign voltage is removed.
Receiver Off-Hook Test This procedure discriminates between resistive fault and a receiver off-hook condition by checking for a non-linear DC resistance.
REN Test This procedure measures REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) loading by measuring the load impedance at 20 Hz. An REN loading of less than 0.175 REN or greater than 3 REN is reported as a failure.
Resistive Faults Test This procedure measures TIP to RING on-hook DC resistance. A DC resistance less than 150 kΩ is reported as a failure.

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