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  • Posted on: March 1, 2021
  • By:


Voice Codecs

Preferred Codec List List the Codecs to be enabled for this profile and their order of priority. Available Codecs:

  • PCMU/8000 – Set Ptime (packetization time)
  • PCMA/8000 – Set Ptime
  • G729/8000 – Set Ptime and annexb “no” or “yes”
  • G722/8000 – Set Ptime
  • iLBC/8000 – Set Ptime, dynamic payload type, and mode (codec frame size, 20ms or 30ms)

Opus/48000/2 – Set Ptime, dynamic payload type, wideband|narrowband mode, and vbr (variable bit rate)|cbr (constant bit rate).

Telephone Event RFC2833 payload type. Three different payload types are supported for different codec rates, with each to be used in conjunction with a codec at that codec rate.


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