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NY, New York – September 17, 2007 – WiNetworks, a pioneer and leader in the development and integration of WiMAX network technologies, and InnoMedia, a leading supplier of Internet and broadband access IP telephony solutions , have successfully demonstrated video telephony calls over WiMAX broadband wireless technology. The demonstration included WiNetworks Win-Max family of mobile WiMAX products working on the mobile WiMAX 802.16e technology, and InnoMedia’s third generation of IP VideoPhone which is compatible with 3G networks and mobile videophones. A live demonstration of the integrated solution will be shown at WiMAX World USA, Chicago Illinois, September 26-27.

Demonstrations were conducted using a WiMAX link comprised of the WiNetworks WiN7000 compact base station transmitting to the WiN5200 outdoor subscriber unit, which was connected to the InnoMedia IP VideoPhone enabling VoIP and video conferencing between two IP VideoPhones. A second demonstration included the WiN7000 compact base station transmitting to the WiN5000 outdoor subscriber unit, which was connected to WiN1000 multi-service gateway enabling VoIP calls between a standard phone and the IP VideoPhone.

The Compact Base Station (WiN7000) and Customer Premise Equipment (WiN5000 series) are part of the Win-Max E series product family and are managed by the WiNMS Network Management System. The Win-Max compact base station uses the mobile 802.16e WiMAX technology to enable new revenue sources from mobile wireless applications and integrates with the WiNetworks customer premise equipment for Coax, Ethernet, and Self-install applications. These high-performance devices provide complete 802.16e mobile WiMAX broadband wireless access functionality through the home and on the move.

IP VideoPhone (MTA 5000 series) from InnoMedia enables calls between fixed line videophones and 3G mobile videophones, thus enabling face-to-face communications between homes, offices and mobile users on the road. With the latest state-of-the-art high compression technique of H.264 used in the latest model MTA 5550, users can expect high quality video utilizing the lowest bandwidth on a wireless network. The built in NAT Router enables the end user to share the same broadband link for both video telephony and Internet access and a priority switch allows preference to video telephony traffic to ensure smooth video conversation even when someone is using the same link for Internet surfing.

“We are pleased to announce this successful integration showing VoIP over WiMAX,” states Mr. Yoram Shkedi, VP Business Development at WiNetworks, “Our partnership with InnoMedia provides the proof that WiMAX can deliver a full broadband solution to the end users and their devices.”

“InnoMedia is pleased to partner with WiNetworks to show case the possibility of deploying live video telephony over next generation wireless network, WiMAX. This is a significant milestone in the deployment of real-time multimedia services to the masses.“ said Alex Chua, Senior Director of Product Management at InnoMedia.

See a live demonstration of this solution at WiMAX World USA, Chicago, September 26-27, booth 437.

For more information about WiMAX World USA, visit http://usa.wimaxworld.com/

About WiNetworks
WiNetworks Inc. is an innovative provider of unique WiMAX systems built according to the 802.16e mobile WiMAX standard.  WiNetwork’s Win-Max™ systems offer a full range of products including the Compact Base Station, Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs), and Relay Stations.  Win-Max systems are standards-based products supporting mobile, portable and fixed 802.16e-2005 WiMAX.  WiNetwork’s offers the Win-Max systems in the 1.X, 2.X and 3.XGHz frequencies including customized solutions for special frequency ranges.  WiNetworks was founded in 2004 and is a principle member of the WiMAX Forum and is leading the development of the new 802.16j WiMAX standard for relay technologies.  For more information visit: www.winetworks.com.

About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia, Inc. is a privately held, multinational organization with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.   The company delivers IP telephony solutions to cable, DSL, and other broadband service providers, as well as OEM and distribution partners.  InnoMedia has the most advanced, award-winning portfolio of IP telephony solutions available in the market today, delivering high-quality voice and video over any IP network. For more information on InnoMedia, visit the company’s website at www.https://www.innomedia.com



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