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Press Contact:
InnoMedia Incorporated
Wymond Choy
(408) 432-5474


InnoMedia Answers the Call for Higher Bandwidth and Granularity from MSO Networks Serving Enterprise Customers, with DOCSIS 3.0 8×4 Bonding and 24 SIDs, in the 4-port EMTA 9528-4B

San Jose, California – August 11, 2010 – InnoMedia, Inc., a global leader in enterprise VoIP solutions, today introduced a new generation of business class DOCSIS 3.0 4-port eMTAs with 8 downstream channel bonding, 4 upstream channel bonding, and 24 UGS SIDs, addressing the industry’s need for higher performance in next-generation MSO networks.

InnoMedia’s EMTA 9528-4B is the first 4-port eMTA to provide more than 300 Mbps downstream, 120 Mbps upstream, and 24 UGS SIDs. The enhanced high-speed data bandwidth is well suited for enterprise market needs and ideal for MSOs looking to maintain their competitive edge over other operators in this market.

The InnoMedia EMTA 9528-4B is an embedded 4 voice port eMTA device with business friendly, feature-rich, primary line VoIP features, designed for DOCSIS 3.0 cable networks with PacketCable DQoS. Its telephony business features include ground start/loop start and OSI for business PBXs, T.38 and G.711 fallback fax support, credit card modem transmission, foreign voltage detection, and DC open loop alarm triggering. It also supports PacketCable 1.5 provisioning and a wide variety of call features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Caller ID Blocking, Call Trace, Automatic Callback, and device-based 3-way calling.

The EMTA 9528-4B has internal battery backup capabilities supporting up to 4 hours of continuous talk time when all 4 telephone lines are used simultaneously.

For more information about InnoMedia’s EMTA 9528-4B, please visit: A href=”https://www.innomedia.com/esbc9580-4b/”>https://www.innomedia.com/esbc9580-4b/


About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately owned multinational organization with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan and China.  The company delivers Internet and broadband access IP Telephony solutions to broadband service providers and distribution partners.  InnoMedia has the most advanced, award-winning portfolio of IP Telephony solutions available in the market today, delivering high-quality voice and video over any IP network.  For more information on InnoMedia, visit the company’s website at www.https://www.innomedia.com.



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