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Creative Technology
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InnoMedia Pte Ltd
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SINGAPORE – March 3, 2008 — Creative Technology Ltd. and InnoMedia Pte Ltd today announced a joint technology partnership for Creative inPerson™, a wireless video conferencing system introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2008 in Las Vegas, USA. Creative inPerson, a breakthrough in video conferencing technology, design, price and ease-of-use, offers multi-party and cross-platform capabilities and high quality Creative inPerson Conferencing. The joint partnership marks the strategic alliance of two top players in their respective industries.

Famous for its Sound Blaster sound cards and for launching the multimedia revolution, Creative has been able to leverage on its leading-edge audio technology and research and development capabilities to expand into many markets.

Widely recognised as a global leader for product innovation in the audio, video and personal digital entertainment segments, Creative’s innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and services enable consumers to experience high quality digital entertainment – anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, Creative has forged partnerships with some of the industry’s top technology companies and developers worldwide, fortifying its strength and leadership in product innovation and research and development.

InnoMedia has invested more than 12 years of research and development resources in developing voice and video over IP products and solutions, and has gained years of know-how in operating efficient Voice/Video IP networks and services. InnoMedia leverages advanced technology to automate labour intensive back-end telecom operations and dramatically reduce costs.

InnoMedia delivers its cutting-edge technology to major service operators and strategic partners such as Creative, CK Communications (a subsidiary of Cheung Kong Holdings), Hutchison Global Communications and Reliance Communications, by providing them with innovative products, efficient network solutions and comprehensive service operations, and enabling them to focus on providing service and capturing markets aggressively. In addition, InnoMedia is working closely with Creative to design, develop and deploy innovative solutions that will enable new and exciting services for its customers.

The Creative inPerson Conferencing technology partnership brings together Creative’s vast experience in designing audio and video consumer devices and InnoMedia’s expertise in providing leading-edge infrastructure and network solutions. QMax Communications Pte Ltd, a premium Singapore service partner appointed today, will be using the infrastructure and technology to provide the Creative inPerson Conferencing Service in Singapore.

The compact and lightweight Creative inPerson is easy to use, and is designed with an integrated SureConnect Technology™ to ensure a reliable, fast and easy connection via Wi-Fi or LAN connection. It is equipped with a built-in speaker, dual microphones with integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation technology to offer crystal clear voice quality. Its wide-angle precision glass lens built into a flexible rotating bezel and high-grade sensor with superb low light performance enables it to deliver stunning video output on its built-in LCD display, or output to a large LCD or plasma screen. The combination of all these features makes the system a very useful business tool for one-on-one or multi-party small group meetings among executives. Each party can join a Creative inPerson conference from a Creative inPerson system, through a PC with the Creative inPerson inVite, and even from a cell phone for voice call.

Creative inPerson will revolutionise the way people communicate. At a fraction of the cost of other complicated video conferencing systems, Creative inPerson makes it possible for companies to equip meeting rooms and a greater number of executives with the system, reducing traveling time and distance for meetings and effectively reducing carbon footprint.

“The massively complex tasks of integrating wireless consumer mobile conferencing system together with its plethora of services and solutions are made possible only by combining the strengths of Creative and InnoMedia, a leader in the field of video communication solutions and network operations. InnoMedia brings to the partnership a wealth of technological expertise and operational know-how enabling us to offer this video conferencing infrastructure and service quickly and efficiently,” said Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman and CEO of Creative.

“Creative is a leader in product development who has the ability to develop great innovative consumer devices with their audio and video expertise. We are very pleased to share our knowledge in infrastructure and network operations in rolling out this video conferencing service to the market, bringing high quality and affordable communications experience to end users,” said Ng Kai Wa, Chairman and CEO of InnoMedia.

With the collaboration, Creative and InnoMedia aim to make Creative inPerson accessible and affordable for every business executive in the office.

Pricing and Availability
Creative inPerson will be available in Singapore on 17 March 2008. Creative inPerson is available at the suggested retail price of S$1,200.00 with a monthly service fee at S$25.00. The monthly service plan currently offers unlimited Creative inPerson Conferencing. Multi-party Creative inPerson Conferencing and PSTN call-out services will be available in April 2008.

For more information about Creative inPerson and InnoMedia, please visit www.inperson.creative.com and www.https://www.innomedia.com.

About Creative
Creative is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products. Famous for its Sound Blaster® sound cards and for launching the multimedia revolution, Creative is now driving digital entertainment on the PC platform with products like its highly acclaimed ZEN® and MuVo® MP3 and portable media players. Creative’s innovative hardware, proprietary technology, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers to experience high-quality digital entertainment – anytime, anywhere.

About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately held, multinational organisation with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. The company delivers Internet and broadband access IP telephony solutions to broadband service providers, as well as OEM and distribution partners. InnoMedia has the most advanced, award-winning portfolio of IP telephony solutions available in the market today, delivering quality voice and video over any IP network.


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