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InnoMedia’s dual-mode VoIP gateways seamlessly supports both PSTN and VoIP traffic to provide lower cost and more reliable telephony service for Softbank BB enterprise customers


Singapore and Milpitas, CA – March 17, 2004 – InnoMedia™, a leading supplier of broadband IP telephony solutions, today announced that Softbank BB Corporation (Softbank BB) has selected InnoMedia’s dual-mode VoIP gateways, IM11-P and IM22-I, to deliver voice services to enterprise users throughout Japan.

The InnoMedia dual-mode VoIP gateways, also marketed as MTA 3040 and MTA 3050, define a new category of VoIP gateways which seamlessly combine the best of the VoIP and the PSTN worlds. Dual-mode gateways take full advantage of VoIP’s cost saving and flexibility, and PSTN’s reliability, by intelligently switching between these two modes.

With InnoMedia’s dual-mode VoIP gateways, enterprise users can retain their existing PBX equipment and features, and receive phone calls with their existing telephone numbers on either the PSTN or the IP network. In addition, the unique digimap feature of the dual-mode VoIP gateways further allow pre-defined calls such as emergency calls or special area code dialing to be routed via PSTN automatically, thus, resolving the issue of emergency 911 calls.

The InnoMedia dual-mode VoIP gateways support PRI (T1/E1) interface, ISDN BRI interface, as well as analog interface, and interoperate and support industry standard protocols including MGCP and SIP.

“We selected InnoMedia for their world class products and technologies, responsiveness, and partnership commitment. The InnoMedia dual-mode VoIP gateways uniquely meet our customer requirements and as such, we expect to increase and expand our scope of collaboration with InnoMedia.” stated Mr. Junichi Miyakawa, General Manager, BB Phone Division, and Director of the board, SBB. “Their enterprise dual-mode VoIP gateways are the best product in their class. Using the InnoMedia IM11-P and IM22-I, we can quickly and easily offer VoIP service to our enterprise customers.”

Branded with Yahoo BB! services, Softbank BB Corp. is the fastest-growing ADSL and biggest end-to-end broadband VoIP service provider in the world. Yahoo! BB reached more than 3.7 million broadband VoIP subscribers in February 2004, less than two years after its VoIP service was introduced.

“We are proud to be selected by Softbank BB Corp., the premier VoIP service provider in the world,” said Dr. Nan-Sheng Lin, co-founder and President of InnoMedia. “With InnoMedia’s dual-mode VoIP gateways, Softbank BB’s revolutionary end-to-end broadband VoIP services can now be extended to the enterprise market without affecting the continuity of their customers PSTN service. We are delighted to be part of their exciting vision”.

About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately held multinational organization with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The company delivers broadband access IP telephony solutions to broadband service providers, as well as OEM and distribution partners. InnoMedia has the most advanced, award-winning portfolio of IP telephony solutions available in the market today, delivering high-quality voice and video over broadband IP network. For more information on InnoMedia, visit the company’s website at www.https://www.innomedia.com.

About Softbank BB Corporation
As of January 7, 2003, BB Technologies Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SOFTBANK CORP., Japan, was merged with three other subsidiaries (Softbank Networks, Inc., Softbank EC Holdings Corp., and Softbank Commerce Corp.) to form Softbank BB Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of SOFTBANK CORP., Japan. Softbank BB Corp. is the world leading end-to-end broadband VoIP service provider with a current subscriber base of over 3.7 Million.


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