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Trial Service To 300 Initial Subscribers With Plans To Reach 
Over 1 Million Subscribers in 14 Major Cities by 2005


Singapore and San Jose, CA – June 24, 2002 – InnoMedia™, a leading supplier of Internet and broadband access IP telephony solutions, today announced a partnership with Korean telecommunications company Syspol Co. Ltd. to deliver Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapters (EMTAs) for a major VoIP project with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (“PT Telkom”) in Indonesia.

In this project, Syspol and its partners will implement a Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) cable network in 14 major cities across Indonesia, and supply the softswitch-based VoIP service, broadband Internet service, and cable TV service exclusively to PT Telkom. Syspol has joined together industry-leading companies to deliver the integrated voice solution, consisting of the softswitch from Telcordia, CMTS and trunk gateway from Cisco, and EMTAs from Samsung and InnoMedia. The InnoMedia EMTA 3528 is a highly interoperable, all-in-one CPE device with an embedded DOCSIS 1.1-ready cable modem for high speed Internet service and a built-in IP telephony module delivering 1 or 2 telephone lines for reliable, high quality voice services.

PT Telkom, a majority state-owned company, is one of the largest companies in Indonesia and is the leading information and communications service provider in the country. Earlier this month PT Telkom launched its Triple Bundling Service, consisting of cable TV, Internet, and telephone services and will immediately introduce 300 subscribers to this service in a trial. Commercial launch will begin later this year with a three-stage roll out plan to reach the first target of 1,020,000 subscribers after three years. The plan for the first year in 2002-2003 is 160,000 homes in three cities. The second year in 2003-2004 an additional 400,000 homes in five cities, and in the third year 2004-2005 another 460,000 homes in six cities.

“Syspol appreciates InnoMedia’s sincere support and cooperation with other world-class partners like Telcordia, Cisco and Samsung to deliver high quality VoIP service to PT Telkom in Indonesia. InnoMedia’s EMTA 3528 is an excellent end-to-end solution for this project,” stated K.C. Sung, Chief Executive Officer of Syspol Co. Ltd. “We hope InnoMedia can grow together with Syspol’s Indonesian project.”

“PT Telkom’s and Syspol’s decision to use the Telcordia Call Agent for this historic project reinforces Telcordia’s status as the leader in the Class 5 softswitch space. Between InnoMedia, Cisco, Telcordia, and Samsung, Syspol has assembled a “Dream Team” of PacketCable component providers, in order to fulfill PT Telkom’s commitment of a standards based IP network infrastructure and architecture that delivers next generation services while still adhering to stringent carrier requirements,” said Jonah Ninger, Telcordia’s Vice President of Business Development. “This project represents a significant opportunity for all of the vendors involved, and we are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with InnoMedia to help make available the end-to-end solution that will enable PT Telkom to truly deliver triple bundled services.”

“This is one of the first major broadband VoIP deployments in the world in which three advanced services – video, high speed data, and voice – are offered over a single broadband converged IP network,” said Kai Wa Ng, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of InnoMedia. “We are very excited to team up with Syspol and other leading companies to form a strong partnership on this ground-breaking effort and look forward to expanding our experience and knowledge into other Asian markets based upon the success of this project.”

For more information on InnoMedia’s EMTA 3528 and to see the system configuration diagram of this project, please visit www.https://www.innomedia.com/indonesia.

About Syspol
Syspol Co. Ltd. is a leading systems integration company providing hardware, software and expertise to deliver Total Network Solutions. Syspol is a one-stop provider of high-speed network solutions and its main customers are Hanaro Telecom, KT (Korean Telecom), ThruNet, PowerComm and DreamLine in Korea. Products are Routers and Switches of Cisco, Transmission Equipment of ADC, xDSL/DSLAM/Cable Modem/CMTS for High-Speed Internet Access Network. Syspol is expanding their business from High-Speed Data Transmission Service to Total Solution Service based on Video Transmission Technology for HFC Network, Data Network Design Network and IP Telephony Technology. For additional information, please visit Syspol’s website at www.syspol.com.

About InnoMedia
Founded in 1995, InnoMedia is a privately held multinational organization with operations in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The company delivers Internet and broadband access IP telephony solutions to broadband service providers, as well as OEM and distribution partners. InnoMedia has the most advanced, award-winning portfolio of IP telephony solutions available in the market today, delivering high-quality voice and video over any IP network. For more information on InnoMedia, visit the company’s website at www.https://www.innomedia.com.


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