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Press Contact:
InnoMedia Incorporated
Wymond Choy
(408) 432-5474

September 9, 2019

InnoMedia BuddyTalk BT200 Now Available to Amazon Alexa for Business Subscribers

InnoMedia is proud to announce the availability of the BuddyTalk BT200 speakerphone and smartspeaker.  Engineered for use as a conference phone or an office phone in work environments, it offers unrivaled flexibility in calling, ease of use, superior voice quality and high levels of security.  As a smartspeaker, the BT200 has been designated an ““Alexa Built-in” product as it is an Amazon AlexaTM Voice Service (AVS) qualified solution. This allows it to support a broad suite of AVS-enabled features such as standard Alexa questions and commands, timers, alarms, reminders and voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices.

Optimized for enterprise users, the BT200 has also been certified for use with Amazon’s Alexa for Business.  These capabilities allow the BT200 to access Alexa for Business supported enterprise applications and services, including office calendar systems such as Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, as well as a wide range of industry-standard conferencing providers such as Amazon Chime, Cisco WebEx and Google Hangouts. Enterprise users can therefore use voice commands to manage schedules and calendars, keep track of to-do lists, manage meetings and meeting rooms, and dial into conference calls.

The BT200 also facilitates the experience of setting up and managing calls by offering a variety of convenient call control mechanisms such as: by issuing voice commands, via the integrated touch panel on the device, using a smartphone app, or with a standard telephone connected to the BT200.  In addition, a companion tablet controller bundled with the device can also be used to place and manage calls, as well as to control the BT200.  During calls, users can communicate either using the BT200 as a hands-free speakerphone, or in a private mode using a smartphone or standard telephone for added discretion.

Ease of use is coupled with an excellent audio experience through the use of high-quality codecs (e.g. Wideband Opus, AMR-WB), advanced acoustic processing, and network impairment handling to deliver superior voice quality to users.  The BT200 is also highly secured, applying HTTPS and TLS protection for messages and signaling exchanges, and SRTP/ZRTP for voice media.

Incorporating InnoMedia’s own SIP stack to interface with any VoIP service provider, the BT200 can support both inbound and outbound calling to any region covered by the service provider’s network.  All of these elements combine to ensure that the BT200 provides an exceptional user experience for enterprise customers.

“InnoMedia’s strength in voice communications allows us to combine the excellent features available in Alexa Voice Service and Alexa for Business with a high quality speakerphone capability to deliver an exciting new product designed for enterprise users”, said Dr. Harprit Chhatwal, Chief Technical Officer, InnoMedia. “For this reason, Amazon reached out to us to offer the BuddyTalk BT200 to its Alexa for Business customers. InnoMedia has delivered commercial grade products to Service Operators since 1999 and, as an AWS partner, business enterprises now have direct access to this InnoMedia device.”

About InnoMedia

InnoMedia is a multinational organization with operations in the US, Singapore, Taiwan and China, delivering Broadband IP Telephony solutions, SIP Trunking Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC) platforms, and voice-enabled intelligent speakerphones for homes and offices.

For more information on InnoMedia, visit the company’s website at www.innomedia.com.

For more information on BuddyTalk products, go to www.buddytalk.com.


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