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MTA6328-2Re Features
Next Generation VoIP CPE Devices For Broadband Service Providers

Features | Specifications | Datasheet



The widely deployed 2-voice-port standalone MTA 6328-2Re is an ideal solution for broadband service providers looking to deploy new revenue-generating telephony services to their customers. Compatible with any standard analog telephone set, the MTA 6328-2Re delivers wide-band voice with quality superior to that of PSTN. Its versatile and open system interfaces provide the flexibility to work with many different networks (HFC cable, ADSL, fiber, wireless) and broadband access devices. The MTA 6328-2Re allows users to share their broadband connection throughout their home network by either connecting a PC or a hub into the MTA downlink port. Its data rate limiting feature ensures voice quality during phone calls by automatically throttling down data throughput and reserving bandwidth for voice whenever a call is in progress. It is highly interoperable and can be used with SIP-based Softswitches or MGCP/NCS Call Agents. For remote provisioning, monitoring and testing, the MTA 6328-2Re supports HTTP, SNMP, TFTP, FTP, and Telnet. It can also be remotely accessed and managed using InnoMedia’s Element Management System (EMS).

The MTA 6328-2Re supports TCP/IP and allows for VPN connections with PPTP and IPSec pass-through capabilities. This feature is ideal for individuals who telecommute from home or small offices that need to create a single VPN connection to remote networks. NAT capabilities provide simultaneous Internet access for multiple PCs (see Figure 1). The built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to devices on the network. The web-based interface allows configuration of the MTA 6328-2Re to handle IP routing and port forwarding for various services, such as FTP and Telnet, and other applications, such as gaming and remote PC access.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for deploying to consumer and SOHO broadband customers
  • Highly interoperable with all major SIP softswitches & IMS servers, thus, protecting your network investment
  • Easy to install and auto-provision, ready for timely and large-scale deployments
  • Remote monitoring and management via InnoMedia Element Management System, minimizing service provider support cost
  • VoIP performance metrics reporting allowing service providers to offer SLA based services
  • Rich features including T.38 for reliable fax transmission, wideband codec for superior voice quality, low/high-speed modem support for POS, and ground/loop start for key phone system interoperability
  • QoS features provide PSTN-like voice quality service
  • CLASS features support with call agents or softswitches NAT & DHCP server functionalities ideal for home networks
  • Wire speed router throughput: 100 Mbps
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