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ILEC/CLEC Transitioning from POTS/Copper Line Services to VoIP

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Why are ILEC/CLEC transitioning to VoIP services?

As copper phone lines and the associated infrastructure that support Plain Old Telephone Set (POTS) services continue to age, cost of providing POTS services will get more expensive and with fewer service options.  Additionally, the various FCC rule changes are reducing incentives, making it less advantageous for copper phone line based Incumbent and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs/CLECs) than those alternative service providers adopting more advanced and competitive technologies & infrastructure.  Many ILECs/CLECs such as AT&T & Verizon have started the process of phasing out their support of analog POTS lines, converting customers to services using more competitive wireless or VoIP technologies.  It is therefore high time for ILEC/CLEC to rapidly plan for transition out of traditional copper telephone line based services.

Electric Tower ServerRoom

InnoMedia Advantages: InnoMedia offers a broad range of VoIP product lines ideal for ILEC/CLEC transitioning to VoIP Services

  1. Addressing Residential, SOHO, and SMB, and Enterprise customers using POTS Lines, Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, and T1-PRI services
    • POTS lines with single and multi-port ATAs
    • Hosted Voice Service using Enterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBC) with SIP ALG
    • SIP Trunking service using ESBC with B2BUA
    • T1-PRI using PRI-SIP gateways
  2. Auto-Provisioning and Device Management for easy and reliable remote management and field upgrades
  3. Field proven with millions of VoIP ports deployed
Auto Provisioning and Devices

POTS Lines with Single and Multi-Port ATAs

  1. Superior voice quality using advanced wideband codecs (e.g., Opus WB) and processing
  2. Legacy Fax, point-of-sale/credit card reader (Bell 103/212), and TTY support
  3. Caller ID signal generation for Caller ID display
  4. Optional house wiring support
  5. Ground start for key phone systems
  6. Support server-based and set-based call features
superior audio quality

Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, and T1-PRI with EEnterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBC)

  1. Hosted Voice Service using Enterprise Session Border Controllers (ESBC) with SIP ALG
  2. SIP Trunking service using ESBC with B2BUA
  3. T1-PRI using PRI-SIP gateways

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