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ESBC9578-4B Features
Enterprise SIP Gateway (ESG) With DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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ESBC9578-4B is a highly integrated and versatile Enterprise SIP Gateway (ESG) solution for the cable industry. It adds media transcoding to InnoMedia’s highly manageable ESGs which combine Enterprise Session Border Controller, business line FXS ports, switched data port, DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, and internal battery in one unit. ESBC 9578-4B can be used by service providers as an ESG with B2BUA for IP PBXs (Figure 1) or with SIP ALG for IP Centrex (Figure 2).

SIP Trunking using ESG with B2BUA/Transcoding

Figure 1. ESG with B2BUA for IP PBXs


Figure 2. ESG with SIP ALG for IP Centrex

Service Usage Examples
Designed for MSOs offering SIP trunking, hosted voice, and high-speed data services, InnoMedia’s ESBC9528-4B is a highly integrated and highly manageable Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC) that can be auto-provisioned and remotely managed. With InnoMedia’s exclusive Smart-DQoS™ technology enabling device-initiated DQoS UGS service flow establishment, ESBC9578-4B is ideally suitable for MSOs offering bundled services with end-to-end quality of service over HFC cable plants. Its B2BUA and SIP ALG capabilities enable wide deployment by MSOs addressing SIP-PBX interoperability for SIP Trunking as well as providing simple NAT Traversal for Hosted PBX Services, and its embedded DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with 8×4 channel bonding and 24 UGS SIDs allows high speed data throughput and 24 simultaneous SIP sessions without requiring MGPI support.

The two typical service scenarios for ESBC9578-4B are:
1. MSOs delivering high-speed Internet access as well as SIP trunks to enterprises with IP-based PBXs (Figure 3).

2. MSOs delivering high-speed Internet access as well as hosted PBX/IP Centrex to enterprises which will transition from legacy Centrex to IP Centrex (Figure 4).


Figure 3. MSOs delivering high-speed Internet access as well as SIP trunks to enterprises with IP-based PBXs


Figure 4. MSOs delivering high-speed Internet access as well as hosted PBX/IP Centrex to enterprises

In addition to the need for signaling normalization, in many deployments, issues often arise due to incompatibilities between the media handling capabilities of the IP-PBX used in the enterprise and those media capabilities the operator wishes to offer in the access/core part of their network.  For instance, there may differences caused by the use of in-band DTMF versus RFC 2833 to transport DTMF signals, or G.711 In-band versus T.38 to transmit fax in different parts of the network.  In addition, the enterprise IP-PBX may be capable of only offering certain speech codecs which differ from those used in the operator’s network. To get around these problems, ESBC9578 offers the following media transcoding alternatives between the WAN and LAN interfaces of the ESG as depicted in Figure 5:

  • Codec Transcoding to/from any of G.711, G.729, G.726
  • DTMF Transcoding between RFC2833 and G.711 In-band
  • Fax Transcoding between T.38 and G.711 In-band


Figure 5.  Media Transcoding

Therefore, the InnoMedia ESBC9578 offers broadband service providers the ideal product for delivering scalable SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX services to their business customers through the incorporation of advanced features such as SIP normalization, NAT/Firewall Traversal, QoS management, Performance Monitoring and Media Transcoding which address specific problems normally associated with these deployments.

About Smart-DQoS™:
Smart-DQoS™ is InnoMedia’s exclusive Device-initiated DQoS technology which enables edge devices to intelligently initiate and manage DOCSIS DQoS UGS service flows based on user and signaling events without the need for PacketCable Multimedia. Smart-DQoS™ instantly allows end-to-end quality of service without having to wait for network infrastructure modifications.

Key Benefits

Clear Demarcation Solution for Service Operators to deliver SIP Trunking Telephony and Broadband Internet Services to Business Customers with IP-PBX and IP-Phones

SIP Trunking Features and Capabilities
– SIP Registrar Server
– SIP Normalization and SIP Header Manipulation Capabilities for IP-PBA Interoperability

Data Networking Features
– SIP Application Layer Gateway/SIP Proxy
– SIP-aware firewall , access control
– Deep packet Inspection, IDS/IPS
– NAT Traversal for SIP Messages

Monitoring Features including CDR, real-time UA & SIP trunk call states, SIP Call Trace, battery status, and packet loopback for server-based Voice Quality Monitoring

Business Environment Friendly
– PBX (Ground start/Loop start & OSI)
– FAX (T.38 and G.711 fallback)
– House wiring with foreign voltage detection
– Credit Card reader transaction

CLASS Feature Support with Call Agents or Softswitches

Internal & External Battery Backup for Primary Line Services

Gigabit 4-Port Switch with configurable bridge/transparent connection to WAN

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