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ESBC 9380-4B Features
T1/E1 Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC)
Features| Specifications | Datasheet



The ESBC 9380-4B is the most highly integrated and a versatile Enterprise SIP VoIP Trunking Gateway solution in the industry. The ESBC 9380-4B can be used by service providers as a PRI gateway to offer SIP trunks to enterprises with legacy TDM PRI PBXs (Figure 1).


Figure 1. PRI gateway for legacy TDM PBXs

Since the PRI Enterprise SIP VoIP Trunking Gateway also comes with InnoMedia’s SIP ALG and B2BUA Enterprise Session Border Controller functions, it allows broadband service providers to offer services to TDM PBX customers today, with an easy migration path to SIP trunking or hosted services when the customers transition from TDM to IP adopting IP PBX or IP Centrex services, as shown in Figure 2.



Figure 2. ESBC9380 serving TDM PBX customers today, with an easy migration to Hosted or IP PBX in the future.

The ESBC9378 offers the following features and capabilities:
  • Business friendly telephony features:
    • Reliable fax with T.38
    • POS friendly with high/low-speed modem support
    • Two B Channel Call Transfer (TBCT) and RLT support
  • Highly manageable with advanced diagnostic features, Auto-provisioning, and device management
    • PRI to SIP ladder diagram, (See Figure 3. PRI-SIP Ladder diagram below), PCAP packet captures
    • RTCP-XR and end-of-call VoIP metrics syslog reporting
    • Supports various forms of provisioning
    • Works with InnoMedia’s Element Management System for remote monitoring and management
  • QoS:
    • VLAN & TOS/DSCP for Ethernet
  • B2BUA and SIP ALG


PRI-SIP Ladder Diagram

Figure 3. PRI-SIP Ladder Diagram

To allow easy northbound SIP server/IMS interoperability, the PRI ESBC supports Trunk SIP Profile configuration for various header format settings.  The Trunk SIP Profile setting page GUI is shown in Figure 4 below:
ESG Trunk SIP Profile

Figure 4. Trunk SIP Profile GUI Example

The table below high lights InnoMedia’s PRI ESBC advantages.
InnoMedia PRI ESBC Advantages
Highest Level of Integration eSBC, FXS, Internal batteries, PRI
Complete Session Border Control features B2BUA and Registrar for SIP trunk, SIP ALG for hosted PBX,
NAT traversal, SIP normalization, IMS ready, SIPConnect compliant
911 support
QoS VLAN & TOS/DSCP for Ethernet
Business Line features Ground start/loop start and CPC/Open Loop Disconnect → Key Phone Systems/Analog PBXs
Low-speed modem → Credit card reader
Fax with T.38, DTMF with RFC2833
Complete with carrier-grade monitoring Devices (PRI & FXS ports) VoIP Performance Metrics → RTCP-XR and end-of-call syslog reporting:
Voice quality: R-factor, MOS scores
Network performance: Delay, packet loss, jitter
Advanced Diagnostic utilities: PRI-SIP ladder diagram and packet capture
Element Management System (EMS) for device status monitoring, event reporting, remote access for device diagnostics, and VoIP performance metrics display and analysis

Key Benefits

Clear Demarcation Solution for Service Operators to deliver SIP Trunking Telephony and Broadband Internet Services to Business Customers with IP-PBX and IP-Phones

SIP Trunking Features and Capabilities
– SIP Registrar Server
– SIP Normalization and SIP Header Manipulation Capabilities for IP-PBA Interoperability

Data Networking Features
– SIP Application Layer Gateway/SIP Proxy
– SIP-aware firewall , access control
– Deep packet Inspection, IDS/IPS
– NAT Traversal for SIP Messages

Monitoring Features including CDR, real-time UA & SIP trunk call states, SIP Call Trace, battery status, and packet loopback for server-based Voice Quality Monitoring

Business Environment Friendly
– PBX (Ground start/Loop start & OSI)
– FAX (T.38 and G.711 fallback)
– House wiring with foreign voltage detection
– Credit Card reader transaction

CLASS Feature Support with Call Agents or Softswitches

Internal & External Battery Backup for Primary Line Services

Gigabit 4-Port Switch with configurable bridge/transparent connection to WAN

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