A family of intelligent speakerphone and smartspeaker systems

The BuddyTalk product series is a family of new generation voice-enabled intelligent communication devices that offer

The BuddyTalk series includes the BT100/BT110 for residential and SMB users, and the BT200 for enterprise customers. The BT200 is available now and the BT100/BT110 products will be coming soon.

Integrated with Amazon Alexa Calling and Messaging (ACM), the BT100 and BT110 are designed for residential and SMB users, offering hands-free speakerphone capabilities and private voice modes with ease of use and flexible calling.

Optimized for enterprise users, the BT200 integrates with Amazon Alexa for Business to allow enterprise users to deploy the BT200 as a voice communication device in corporate environments, and have access to Amazon for Business supported enterprise applications and services.


  • Designed for Residential & SMB
  • BT100: Utilizes ‘Alexa Calling’ to support Alexa Calling where available
  • BT110: Through the ‘BuddyTalk Calling’ framework, uses a VoIP service subscription for calling


BT100/BT110 & BT200

  • Acts as a SmartSpeaker powered by Amazon AVS
  • Optimized for voice communications using InnoMedia’s SIP stack
  • Superior voice quality through wideband audio codecs and advanced acoustic processing



  • Designed for Enterprise
  • Access to ‘Alexa for Business’ supported Enterprise features such as shared rooms/devices, conferencing etc.
  • Integrated with ‘Alexa for Business’ and for voice calling

Convenient Call Control

The BuddyTalk platform offers a variety of methods for users to set up, manage and tear down calls for flexibility and ease of use.

Voice Commands

Utilizing Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) speech recognition & natural language understanding technology, the BuddyTalk family of products provides an intelligent voice-dialogue based user interface for call control.

Touch Panel

The device’s touch panel can be used to, for instance, adjust call volume and terminate calls.

Calling with a Standard Telephone

Use a standard telephone for calling through the device’s FXS port.

Tablet Controller

The tablet controller provides a touch-based GUI to use the numeric key pad or contact list to make calls, check call history, control volume, or even make use of the Action button.


Hands-free Speakerphone


Multiple Voice Interfaces

During the call itself, BuddyTalk products allow users to employ several different voice communication methods: hands-free speakerphone mode, smartphone-based private voice mode, and using a standard telephone for privacy.


Private Voice Mode


Superior Voice Quality

The BuddyTalk suite of products employs high-quality audio codecs (e.g. Wideband Opus), advanced acoustic processing (e.g. acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming, de-reverberation, far-field mic pickup etc.), and network impairment handling (e.g. NetEQTM, adaptive jitter buffer, packet loss concealment, etc.) to deliver superior voice quality to its users.


Secured Communications

BuddyTalk devices are highly secured, applying HTTPS, HTTP2, and TLS protection over messages and signaling exchanges, and SRTP and ZRTP over voice media.

Amazon Alexa

Certified by Amazon AVS, the BuddyTalk platform supports a broad range of AVS smartspeaker features such as standard Alexa questions & commands, timers, alarms, reminders, and voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices.

Alexa, give me the 7 day weather forecast.

The next 7 days, Thursday 60 degrees cloudy,…

BuddyTalk Series

BT100 and BT110: Voice-Enabled Speakerphone for Consumers and SMB Users

The BuddyTalk BT100 and BT110 products incorporate the Alexa Calling and Messaging (ACM) extension to support Alexa-to-Alexa and Alexa-to-Skype incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, the BT100 supports outgoing calls to PSTN or mobile phone numbers in North America through the Alexa Calling network, while the BT110 permits the configuration of a VoIP service provider subscription, and then utilizes the BuddyTalk Calling framework to allow all incoming and outgoing calls in the service provider’s area.

…more details coming soon.

BT200: Voice-Enabled Speakerphone for Enterprise Customers

Building on the same AVS base as the BT100/BT110, the BT200 integrates Alexa for Business to address the needs of enterprise users.

Alexa, is there a room available
tomorrow at 8:30am?

How long would you like to book it for?

Alexa for Business

With the integration of Alexa for Business, enterprise users can deploy the BT200 as a device in shared environments around the workplace. It allows business users to access the enterprise applications and services supported by Amazon Alexa for Business. Typical examples of using Alexa for Business to manage business tasks include: setting up shared devices, integrating with existing work calendars, setting up conference rooms and managing conference room features, creating and automatically dialing into conference calls, and accessing custom private skills.

Brian, how are you?

Calling with the BT200

The BT200 can also exchange call state information and callee information with Alexa for Business servers, thus allowing the BT200 to seamlessly initiate and manage the required phone calls based on information retrieved from enterprise applications (e.g., accessing corporate contacts, joining scheduled meetings, starting ad hoc meetings, etc.) using the embedded InnoMedia SIP stack and a configured VoIP service subscription.

InnoMedia BT200 High-Level Product Description & Specification

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